About Us

For more than 70 years we have provided pet owners with solutions from quality health and nutrition, to safe and natural litter and odor products. We are proud to offer products that make life with pets even more enjoyable.

Marshall Pet Products provides high quality nutrition and supplements, homes, grooming supplies, accessories and toys specifically designed for ferrets and other small pets. Our primary goal is to continually enhance bond between people and their pets.

We created GoodBye Odor because it was a natural extension of our highly successful product, Bi-Odor for ferrets. Bi-Odor has been used for years in helping to deodorize ferret odors safely and effectively. We introduced GoodBye Odor for Cats last March and have been seeing a steady increase in sales and awareness. Read our testimonials for pet parent approval!

As leaders in pet care and pet nutrition for more than 70 years, we understand the challenges you face as a pet owner, from keeping your pets safe and healthy to giving them a comfortable home.

That's why we guarantee your satisfaction with every product we offer. GoodBye Odor is no exception.

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